The SSB is a process that gives the platform to numerous defence aspirants to make their dreams come true.The SSB plays an important part in a defence aspirant’s life, since it is a big milestone and people are one step closer to realising their dream to see themselves in the Olive Greens. A life changing experience. SSB is 5 days process in which first step is interview round there are some question which are frequently asked in SSB Interview Exam,Following Questions are collected from CAPTAIN BATRA CLASSES PVT. LTD. student’s who are previously cracked ssb exam and they shared their experience with us on the behalf of that we are created list of questions which will definitely help you to crack SSB Exam and your dream will come true.

Today we are going to provide you list of question which will help you to crack SSB exam in 2022.

  1. Tell Me Something About Your Self which are not mention in registration Form.
  2. How Did you prepare for SSB exam?
  3. Prove You are eligible for Your Job
  4. What if you got rejected this time ?
  5. Tell me most embarrassing situation happened in your life.
  6. Who is Your Role Model ?
  7. If You are made the Prime Minister of India ? What You Will do?
  8. What are Your Future Plan?
  9. Do you smoke or drink, how often and why do you do so ?
  10. Can I call you Maneesh or Geeta during this interview ? Is it fine for you ?

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